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Getting Basketball Shoes that are Right for You

November 3, 2012

Essential Features to Look For in Basketball Shoes

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Just as every sport is played wearing some sort of gear, basketball gear is all about the shoes. Every company that advertises athletic wear hypes up their products, but basketball is one such sport where the shoes are everything. The game of basketball is very stressful on a person’s feet, so the player’s shoes should offer optimal protection. That’s why you should take extra care when choosing your basketball shoes, and the points we’ll be covering below can help you make this decision.

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Some amateur basketball players, or parents who are looking for basketball shoes for their children often don’t replace their shoes after lots of wear. As a rule, most people agree that you should replace your basketball shoes every month if you are a regular player. Professional players often replace their shoes as often as weekly. These may be extreme cases, but you must understand that basket ball shoes are going to wear out after regular use, even the best ones. Some people may have to modify this if their budget is limited, but you should never wear basketball shoes that are worn out, as the risk to your feet, ankles and the rest of your body isn’t worth it.

It shouldn’t need to be said, but your basketball shoes should be as comfortable as possible, and so you need to look for comfort when shoe shopping. You also need to look for the perfect shoe size, and sizes may vary between brands. For instance, if you wear a 10 with Nikes, your shoe size may be 11 when it comes to Adidas.

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You may want to try a half inch more or less, as well, if the size you think you are doesn’t fit very well. The feet will get slightly bigger when they get overheated, so you need to ensure that your feet can move around in there.

Basketball shoes aren’t cheap, so you should give them the best possible treatment. If you don’t wear your basketball shoes when you’re not on the court, they’ll last a lot longer. Basketball will wear out your shoes of course, but if you wear them all the time, this will accelerate the process. Aside from this, keep your shoes in a place that’s dry and with good ventilation. Keep them away from water, dampness and humidity as much as you can. Some people can’t resist running all over town in their basketball shoes, which is fine, as long as you realize you’ll have to replace them sooner that way. Your choice of shoe should be based on your style of play and your body style, not on someone else’s opinion of you. Just because your favorite pro player wears that shoe and shows up in commercials for it doesn’t mean it’s the one you should buy. If you need help picking out the perfect shoe that lets you play at your best, use the tips.Adidas T-Mac 4 Shoes


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